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The REPETO (pronounce to rhyme with Geppetto) project is an NSF-funded research coordination network (RCN) that promotes the concept of practical reproducibility.


The FLOTO project is a collaborative effort between the Internet Equity Initiative (IEI) and the Argonne National Lab.


Scientists, educators, students, and the workforce at large require advanced skills to learn how to manage and process massive amounts of data efficiently and accurately. 


Chameleon is a large-scale, deeply reconfigurable experimental platform built to support Computer Sciences systems research. 

BigDataX – REU

This award aims to establish a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) site named BigDataX, which will focus on undergraduate research in both theory and practice of big data computing at extreme scales. 


The ScaleStuds project involves a team of ten researchers to develop the foundations of correctness checkability (CC) and performance predictability (PP) of systems at scale.

Past projects

FABRIC Testbed

FABRIC (FABRIC is Adaptive ProgrammaBle Research Infrastructure for Computer Science and Science Applications) is an International infrastructure that enables cutting-edge experimentation and research at-scale in the areas of networking, cybersecurity, distributed computing, storage, virtual reality, 5G, machine learning, and science applications.