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Shutdown of Nimbus Hotel clouds on FutureGrid

Sep 15, 2014

This announcement concerns users of the FutureGrid Hotel resources.

Early this year, we announced a move towards shutting down the Nimbus-Xen cloud on Hotel and the creation of Nimbus-KVM in addition to the OpenStack-KVM cloud already operated on this resource. However, since most of our users chose to move to the OpenStack-KVM cloud as a result of this change, we decided to operate the Nimbus clouds for a longer time allowing the community to fully transition to OpenStack.

As most of the active Nimbus users have now moved to the OpenStack, we therefore plan to shut down the Nimbus clouds on Hotel (both Xen and KVM versions) by Friday, September 19, 2014 to facilitate the reconfiguration of the physical infrastructure to support OpenStack. These resources will continue to be operated as an OpenStack cloud Chameleon Cloud. Please contact us if this action will create any issue with your current or planned use of Nimbus Hotel on FutureGrid.