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We are hiring a cloud computing software developer

Nov 14, 2016

We are seeking a cloud computing software developer at University of Chicago to be part of the Nimbus team. Most of our development is in Python and we use OpenStack on several projects.

For more details and to apply please visit the job posting.

About us:

The Nimbus team is a pioneer in infrastructure cloud computing. We work closely with scientists across many disciplines to understand how new technology can improve and transform science, develop and integrate innovative solutions in cloud computing, and support their practical use. Our previous work includes developing the first open source IaaS platform (since 2005,, enabling many early cloud computing projects across a range of sciences, and developing a national experimental testbed for cloud computing research (since 2014, Current challenges focus particularly on cloud computing platforms supporting High Performance Computing and Big Data applications and systems. The Nimbus team consists of scientists, developers, and students and provides a friendly, challenge oriented environment.

About the job:

We work with innovative technologies, which requires our team to keep track of new approaches and quickly master new technologies. We are learners: self-motivated, eager to try new things, but with a strong appreciation of quality development and spirit of teamwork.

We are looking for a new team member with these characteristics:

  • Wants to work on important, cutting edge problems in R&D and see their work make a positive change to the world by contributing to the advancement of science
  • Loves working with system code and is good at it (see the link below for specific skills)
  • Enjoys working independently, taking on new challenges, and creating new initiatives that will shape the direction of our existing and future projects
  • Will thrive as part of a creative team, where your contributions are valued and your initiatives are welcomed

Key requirements for the job:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science or related field
  • The more relevant programming experience the better, preferably demonstrated via contributions to open source software (Python preferred)
  • Programming experience with Python preferred
  • Knowledge of Unix/Linux, IaaS cloud systems (OpenStack, AWS), virtualization technologies/containers, and other relevant technologies
  • Experience with system administration and DevOps tools, such as Chef and Puppet, preferred
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to prioritize, work both independently and in a team environment, and a keen sense of humor

For more details and to apply please visit the job posting.